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My top 5 Neal's Yard Christmas Gifts
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My top 5 Neal's Yard Christmas Gifts

Top Christmas Gifts
Recently I have been asked what are the best Christmas Gifts to get from Neal's Yard. I have my favourites, and so do my clients. So to help you (and give you a few budget pointers) here are my top 5. 

Pure Indulgence! - I love the rose products (using high quality rose essential oils) and this is a great deal. This set includes the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, Rose Body Butter and the Rose Bath Oil - a real treat

This is a dream product for tired feet so ideal for either Christmas shopping, or grabbing a bargain at the sales. 

I love these products, as a mum it can be difficult to navigate what is safe to use, and is good for baby's skin. This set, is a lovely gift for mums, especially if their little ones are suffering the effects of the cold weather.

Lovely to have around the house, the balancing fragrance of patchouli and bergamot are long lasting (and not over powering). As with all of NYR's products they are not synthetic and are natural and organic.

This bright gift box has citrus hand wash, hand lotion and softener. The fragrance is lovely to use every day, and the softener is great for helping soften skin (for men and women). For any of you suffering from S.A.D, using citrus oils can give you the sunshine feeling and boost you need. 

For other ideas,  have a little look round the shop, keep an eye out for the offers, as often there is a special gift with any purchase.

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